Technical control

Technical control at PLC LENEXPO

According to the "General conditions of participating in exhibitions (events) at the territory of LENEXPO":

5.1. The General Constructor of the PLC LENEXPO is "EF-Design" Company, which implements mounting, dismounting and decorative design of both standard and non-standard, exclusive stands.

Mounting, dismounting and decorative design can be implemented only by EF-Design company. Implementation of mounting, dismounting and other engineering and decorative works by the participants, or by other companies involved by the participants can be allowed only under the condition that the mounting and dismounting will be implemented on the non-standard, exclusive stands and only with the written agreement with EF-Design.

5.2. Right of access of other owners to the exhibition halls is carried out within the terms stated by the organizer, after undergoing in EF-Design the control of construction project drawings and specifications of the exhibition stands, provided by the owner, if they correspond to the rules and requirements operating in LENEXPO. The owners who failed to undergo the checking of construction project drawings and specifications of the exhibition stands are not allowed to access the exhibition halls.

5.3. The list of the documents, necessary for implementation of the construction project drawings and specifications control, its procedure and costs of implementation are stated in the "Statute about the technical control in PLC "Lenexpo"", which was developed on the grounds of rules and requirements operating in LENEXPO, as well as on the grounds of normative documents of the Russian Federation.


Vyacheslav Smirnov
Director general’s deputy

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Cell number: +7 (931) 351-22-07

Erik Salyamov
Technical specialist,
static measurements

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Cell number: +7 (921) 763-34-51

Sergey Zhigulev          
Power engineering specialist          

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Cell number: +7 (931) 230-95-08


Technical control Department is ready to work with developer-companies every day from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm

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